This program is intended for dogs with little to no training or dogs that exhibit behavioral problems.

The purpose of this training program is teach your dog skills and manners that will create quality time for you and your family.

Your dog will stay at my residence for three weeks while being taught basic obedience. They will be cared for like our own dog, they will experience hikes, walks, parks, malls, and other environments your dog may be around. Rather than residing in a kennel, your dog will inhabit a normal household while learning basic household manners.

Focus will be placed on:

  • Specific skills or instructions you desire
  • House Manners
  • Leash Training
  • Basic Training
  • Basic Commands
  • Specific Behavioral Problems
  • Verbal Commands

The following are example commands that your dog will learn:

  • Sit. Dog will sit on command and stay.
  • Down. Dog will lie down on command and stay.
  • Heel. Dog will walk or sit to the left of the handler.
  • Come. Dog will come on command to handler and sit down.
  • Stay. Dog will stay in the instructed position.

At the conclusion of week 3 you will meet with the trainer to review techniques and handling rules. A personalized video will be created for you with your dog showing off all of their learned skills.