All Purpose Dog Training LLC was founded in 2005 by Nicholas Koep (Nick) a veteran of The United States Air Force.

In the Air Force, Nick served in the Security Forces as a Military Dog Handler with assignments moving him around the globe from the United States to Italy. For the last few years of his service Nick, stationed at Travis AFB, had the pleasure to train a fresh recruit.

Lasso, a long haired German Shepherd, turned out to be an amazing dog. With Nick’s guidance and control Lasso won praise for his skills at detecting drugs, Lasso was used for drug detection, and performing for audiences. In the end it was Lasso who nearly turned Nick into a lifetime military man.

Nick’s experience and skills directly translates into a career training dogs. He has help trained over a thousand dogs in his career. He understands the pride of managing a quality dog and the love and companionship that results from caring for another. All Purpose Dog Training LLC is more than a business it is an extension of Nick and the continuation of a passion. Working hard to create quality time for you by properly training you and your dog.